Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

time 12:30 pm

May 12, 2019

Salad selection
Greek salad
Caramelized pear and almond salad with honey mustard dressing
Italian caprese salad with lemon zest

Caramelized sweet potato with honey, butter & brown sugar
Saffron infused rice with roasted almond flakes and coriander
Broccoli rabe with sauce mornay and topped with cheddar cheese
Oven roasted pumpkin with cinnamon& blistered pumpkin seeds
Beef Medallions with bacon,mushrooms & pickling onions
Stuffed Chicken breast with thyme infused Cream Cheese Ragout

Chef’s Selection of Decadent Desserts
Chocolate Mousse
Grilled Peach Mille Feuille
Raspberry Cheese Cake
Crunchy Banana Cigars with toffee sauce